Elite Lighting

Monogram Lighting

Create Impact and Elegance with Light

A monogram lit against the wall at a wedding reception

Monogram lighting can be an excellent way to pull together all of the design elements of your wedding together.

Monogram lighting is by far one of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to create a unique and inviting entertaining space out of a traditionally boring or drab reception room.

A monogram light and design creates a high impact focal point to the room providing the perfect backdrop showing off all the beautiful work you've put into the cake, flowers and decor.

Monogram Design

We can either create a design for you, or work with you to take a design/idea you already have and create the camera ready artwork needed to create your monogram light.

A monogram light is created from a design, whether a paper copy, illustration, or computer graphic we convert it into a digital vector illustration. If you have a magazine picture or font idea we can re-create it and customize it as needed.

The best part is that the design can be used for the light, but we also include a high quality version to be used for invitations, programs, cake toppers, cake designs, and to repeat throughout your wedding design and decor.