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Imagine the Possibilities

Guest tables and chairs at a wedding

Truly exceptional weddings entertain all of the guests' senses. The first sense that you entertain is sight. Lighting can turn any venue into something truly special and unique.

Lighting brings together all of the elements and decor so that you and your guests have an unforgettable night. We offer a number of lighting options and will work with you to imagine what is possible.


We offer color match uplighting for weddings and corporate events with our LED lights. These lights are positioned around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colors of your party and add warmth to the overall space.

Uplighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your wedding truly unforgettable and memorable.

Monogram Lighting and Design

Our excellent designers work with you to create a custom monogram that you can use for your entire wedding as well as a custom light. We can also work with monogram designs you might already have. Repeating the monogram that you use on invitations, the cake, and other elements of your wedding can really bring together all the elements of your wedding into a cohesive whole.

Your monogram will be created into a custom high temperature glass that will show your monogram in a prominent place in the room personalizing the room instantly. We can create modern art style designs or traditional monograms to fit your personal tastes. Monograms are impressive by themselves or work incredibly well with uplighting.

Dance Lighting

We offer dance lighting that instantly gives the feeling of elegance, sophistication, and matches the mood of your wedding and reflects the music being played. Imagine dancing under the stars that slowly twinkle and move; imagine the colors perfectly synched with the music during the dance songs; imagine the lights slowly fading in the background during the slower songs.

We offer a number of elegant options when choosing lighting appropriate for dancing at your wedding. These lights are not the "disco" lights that you may be used to, but are used at some of the most prestigious weddings and events that seamlessly bring all of the elements of the wedding together.

Color Match Lighting

We offer what we call "color-match lighting." Using light emitting diodes (LED) lights we can perfectly match almost any color you choose for your holiday party. Bringing together the colors for your wedding and adding a unique element that greets guest’s right as they enter the room.

Using these lights we can accent the elements of the venue for you. Many wedding reception halls feature beautiful white columns, arches, or features that transform into beautiful canvases that display your accent colors truly bringing in the spirit of your wedding and setting the tone of the evening as something special. These lights also work well in conjunction with crystal chandeliers truly allowing them to sparkle and shine brilliantly.